#4 I’m so fucky*

In this fourth iteration of the series, works by Bruno Zhu, Life Sport, David Keating and Antonia Breme are featured.

The job of the artist – the creative job – is too often not remunerated. Therefore, thanks to the so called ‘money job’, many artists sustain their practices and lives.

For the last iteration of Constructing Desire, the four artistic positions comment on alternative ways of operating within the commercial, while appropriating the infrastructure of a shop. Using the shop as a platform for artistic production, Bruno Zhu, Life Sport, David Keating and Antonia Breme adopt different commercial strategies which either engage with the aesthetics of commodification, put factory-made products in circulation or awaken the desire of acquiring items through the appeal of display configurations.

The boundary between the commodity and the art object can be a grey zone and how exactly they support each other often remains unclear. They both coexist as the remunerated and the devotional work often do.

* In 1993, Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas ran a self-organized store for six months. Among other items they sold T-Shirts with different slogans. “I’m so fucky” was the slogan of the first batch.

Negroni was served during the opening.

Exhibition Text
by Gabriela Acha

The artists and Knopf Paul, Berlin

Christian Lübbert