#3 pleasant vice, boring virtue

In this third iteration of the series, works by Nikola Breme, LaKela Brown and Ellie de Verdier are featured.

From the Roman Empire to the French Bourbon court, the art of designing interiors has brought the functional and artistic closer together, through ornamental elements and aesthetic objects, matching their periods and purposes accordingly.    

The works on display are, in their own way, dealing with aspects of comfort, taste and class, manifested through the design of the mundane settings in which our lives are performed.

Whether engaging with fashion artifacts, the embellishment of decorative plates or composition and depiction of contemporary still lifes, all three artistic positions negotiate aspects of social stratification, cultural appropriation and politics of identity. Each position offers an instance of reflection through the representation of everyday objects. The proposed scenario offers a set of personal narratives around political dimensions of objecthood.

Glühwein was served during the opening.

The artists and Knopf Paul, Berlin

Christian Lübbert